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NVC introduction course

Are you curious about communication tools to apply in daily life? Do you wish to understand your emotions and express your needs honestly?

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NVC introduction course
NVC introduction course

Kad & Kur

2020. g. 18. apr. 10:00 – 18:00

SIA "SPIIKIIZI Riga", Krišjāņa Valdemāra iela 17A, Centra rajons, Rīga, LV-1010, Latvija

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Would you like to cultivate listening skills to understand others? 

With nonviolent communication (NVC), we seek to acquire healthy values based on honesty and empathy. We can stand up for ourselves while we care for the other, and we learn to listen and talk with more empathy and clarity. 

At this day course, we will introduce the model and explore in practice the 4 steps of NVC through personal and group activities. You will learn a method to navigate in your emotions and needs; tools to enhance mutual understanding with others and ways of formulating requests to fulfill your needs. 


•Opening circle 

•Empathy: what is, what is not? 

•an introduction to the 4 steps of NVC

•Observation VS evaluation 

•Practice the vocabulary of feelings and needs 13h - lunch break, empathy buddy  

•Express a request  

•Standing on an intention 

•Practice with the “No-fault Zone Game” 

•Integration and questions 

•Closing in NVC 


The course is in English with the possibility of Latvian and Russian support translation. In a pair of exercises, you are welcome to speak any common language. 

It’s a one-day intensive course in a small group of 6 to 14 participants including theory, practices and reflection space.  

We offer 3 options for the price you can choose from : 

•35 euros: reduced price (if you would like to join and cannot afford the fair price)  

•50 euros: fair price (what we are expecting to pay for the room rent, material, salary)  

•65 euros: supportive price (to support the possibility of reduced price and develop the NVC movement)  

Thank you to register 3 days before the course  => 

The price includes support material (10 pages in the electronic version), snacks and drinks. 

The lunch meal is not provided, we wish to offer the choice to come with your lunchbox or to eat in the café of your choice in the surrounding of Spiikiizi.  


For everyone, there are no limitations or pre-experience needed. The tools and methods you will learn are applicable to understand yourself, communicate with friends and relatives, in a relationship and at work with colleagues. NVC gives a new eye on a locked situation and relationship you wish to make more wonderful. You will receive tips to keep on practicing in daily life and beyond the course, you are invited to join the NVC practice sessions. 


Céline is trained in sociocracy, nonviolent communication and the work that reconnects; she is leading women circle, support groups, NVC practice sessions and integrates the tools in any professional and personal projects. Her intention is to facilitate a safe learning space and inspire curiosity toward personal and group development.  Originally from Belgian, living in Latvia for 3 years, she is personally moved by creating connecting points between diverse personalities, backgrounds, cultures, and generations. Games and humor are strongly part of her approach. 

Imelde applies communication tools in various contexts with talents and a creative self-learning approach.  Co-organizer of #Vakarēšanas, it has been 4 years that she is part once or twice per month of cozy evenings where discussions in circles are organized on a specific topic.  She is working as a consultant in the crisis center Skalbes where she received a certificate in Crisis intervention.  Her interest in NVC started with a lecture on the topic, followed by the discovery of Marshall Rosenberg’s work. Imelda started to apply NVC as a tool to understand herself and explored successfully the combination of a meditation retreat and self-empathy. In 2019, she followed a week-end course on NVC and explore further with daily practices. 

Céline and Imelde met in the Lampa conversation festival in 2019, a perfect context to share and talk on a deeper level. They decided to walk along to share their common interest with the organization of first practice sessions and introduction courses of NVC in Riga.  


Nonviolent communication also called NVC or the giraffe language has been developed by the American psychologist and conflict resolver Marshall B. Rosenberg over a period of 40 years.  NVC is a form of communication and behavior that creates deep contact and understanding between people, beyond background, gender, age, nationality or religion. 

NVC is recognized worldwide as a tool in conflict management and dialogue-promoting communication, whether in conflict areas, in prisons, between groupings and gangs, in workplaces, in relationships or other types of human relations. 

Read more about this form of communication at  or on youtube 


After the intro course, we welcome you warmly in NVC practice sessions, there are organized once per month on Thursday evening @Spiikiizi. It’s a space to practice empathy supported by games and light facilitation. The practice sessions are free of charge. 

Welcome to join if you have experience from before or read a book from Marshall Rosenberg.





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    You would like to join and cannot afford the fair price.

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    The amount we are expecting to pay for the room rent, material, salary.

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    You wish to support the possibility of reduced price and development of the NVC movement

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