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otrd., 08. janv.



How to let go of stuff: Hoarder confessions

"No, you can’t get rid of that stuff because one day there will be need for this…broken cord or those keys…wait what are those keys for!?"

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How to let go of stuff: Hoarder confessions

Kad & Kur

2019. g. 08. janv. 18:30 – 20:30

SPIIKIIZI, Krišjāņa Valdemāra iela 17A, Centra rajons, Rīga, LV-1010, Latvia

Vairāk par notikumu

“Clutter is postponed decisions” Barbara Hemphill.

Hearing word “clutter” reminds about physical stuff – clothes that we keep without thinking “One day I will lose those extra kilos and I will fit in those jeans”. Or random stuff that is kept in a very special drawer with a very special label on – random junk.

What about unread emails that we postpone dealing with for few months? Or travel photos that we been wanting to sort for few years. Or old business ideas we never started working on?

Either it’s physical, mental, digital or emotional clutter - it takes not only space (physical, mental) but also our energy.

Let’s gather and explore nature of cluttering, share concepts and methods (KonMari) of de-cluttering tips on where to start process and have some healthy laughter on topic.

Workshop will be led by Santa Klodāne, professional hoarder. :D

1 Ticket 5 eur

2 Tickets 8,50 eur

Gathering on 18:30

Beginning on 19:00

Scheduled 90min





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